$15,963 in Jackpots
Still Waiting To Be Won!

Cash Ball
Jackpot - $350

Congratulations to William from Dexter, N.Y who won the Cash Ball Progressive Jackpot!

Manager's Special
Jackpot - $2,822

Bingo in 50 #'s or less and WIN the progressive jackpot!

CONGRATULATIONS to a guest from Canada for winning $24,936!!!

Lucky 3 Special - Congratulations Francine
Jackpot - $6,581

Bingo AND have the first three numbers called in your winning bingo pattern and you WIN the PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT!


Our latest LUCKY 3 winner of over $14,000 was from Canada!

Double Digit
Jackpot - $2,308

G-Spot Jackpot Win in 48 #'s or less
Jackpot - $1,802

Bingo in 48 numbers or less and win $10,000!

CONGRATULATIONS to a winner from Massena!

MHK Jackpot 300 Pull Tabs
Jackpot - $2,100

Actual jackpots may vary.

Happiness is screaming BINGO and you can play throughout the week at the Mohawk Bingo Palace. Enjoy interactive specials and experience paperless Bingo games on handheld Explorer machines. Mohawk Bingo takes pride in personal service and hospitality so come and play today where everyone knows your name!


Cosmic Bingo

Every Saturday night! Doors open 9:30pm, first game begins at 10:30pm. Lights, music, winnings…it's out of this world! Plus, dress for theme night and be entered into cash drawings!


BIG FAT “ESS” PAYS $1,000!

Bingo Bulletin

Back by popular demand! 



  • Jackpot games will be included in each Bingo admission package.
  • Additional cards can be purchased for $2.
  • See bingo admission for more details




  • Wednesday, October 29
  • 1st Place: $300 
  • 2nd Place: $200 
  • 3rd Place: $100




  • Saturday, December 27 | 6:15pm - 8:15pm
  • Ten Lucky Players will be selected for a chance to win a share of $15,000!
  • Earn entries for each Bingo Session Buy-In. Receive Double Entries on Sunday and Thursday Bingo Sessions.


Double Up Paper

Every Friday | 6pm

Admission $8


"On Selected Cards"


$300 Regular Games!

Manager's Special

Thousands of dollars for the first full card in 50 numbers or less! 

Deuces Wild

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at Noon

Each regular game pays $222. Bingo on a "2", receive an extra $222.
Come enjoy the fun!


Admission is $7 (6-on)

Electronic Packages: $33 and $37.

Steal Of A Deal

Every Satruday in November | 6pm


  • Admission $9
  • Every other regular game pays $300/$500

"Super Super" Saturday

Check your Bingo calendars for dates!  Super, Super Saturday's happen once a month.  Thousands of dollars in cash prizes...

November 1 | 12pm

  • $1,199 Regular Games
  • Admission just $14

Veterans Day

Sunday, November 9 | 6pm

Let's hear it for our veterans! Veterans Day Play means $999 Games!

Admission starts at $12

Thanksgiving Special

Sunday, Novmber 23 | 6pm

  • $1,000 Regular Games
  • Admission starts at $12

Also, buy an electronic and purchase unlimited faces of all cards.

Winners Circle

Wednesday, November 26 | 6pm


  • Admission $8 
  • $300 Regular Games! 


Present a winning receipt dated on or after November 30 and when you purchase your first 9-On, you’ll receive as many 6-Ons as you want to play!

Manager's Must Go Jackpot

Saturday, November 28 | 6pm 

  • Admission $8
  • $10,000 Progressive Jackpot
  • $300 Regular Games!

6-On Books of Specials


Includes 60/40, Lucky 3, Big Fat "Ess", Manager's Must Go & G Spot Jackpots.